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Founded in 2005 by Ryan Ulm, ACRW, A + Resume is a full-service Career Consultation organization. With more than 14 years of experience personally crafting rich resumes, compelling cover letters and 6 years as Recruiter, Interview Coach, and Career Consultant, Ryan knows how to write for results. In addition to being trained by LinkedIn directly in profile creation, Ryan leads all creative pursuits, serves as chief writer, editor, and oversees business operations. But, because no one is the expert at everything, there is a creative backbone to substantiate the expertise and acumen and it is robust and diverse.

Our team of professional resume writers and career counselors is comprised of a unique set of individuals with varying backgrounds, education, and professional specialties. They hold degrees and certifications in disciplines well suited to tailoring professional correspondence including:

  • B.S. Business Administration

  • B.A. English

  • B.A. Sociology

  • M.S. Management and Human Resources

  • M.S. Education

  • Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW)

  • National Resume Writers Association Certification


Collectively, we have a cumulative total of over 40 years of professional experience and hold certifications in resume writing from the preeminent national associations.

We have written resumes for individuals from all walks of life and with a tremendous range of experience, education, and skill sets.  We pride ourselves on being able to maximize the effectiveness of your resume without over-embellishing or exaggerating.  Integrity is non-negotiable.  Through a series of creative steps we build a strong, efficient document that is uniquely yours and represents your professional brand and maximizes your marketability.

A resume is not only a smart, practical job seeking tool, it is an essential component in defining your own professional brand.  The return on investment can be immediate and may last a lifetime.  While we are priced very competitively relative to our competition (we shop, too), we aren’t a bargain-basement operation.  Many discount resume services sacrifice experience and skill for affordability.  Our team provides an exemplary service at an affordable price and we always guarantee your satisfaction.

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