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We have 3 different Resume Tiers:
  • Entry Level: For those beginning their careers or re-entering the workforce.
  • Professional Level: Mid-level careers. 80% of our clients are in this tier.
  • Executive Level: Directors, VPs, C-Level Titles - Our Premier Tier of Service.
Cover Letters
The introduction and invitation to read your resume. These can be elegantly formal or sublimely simple. We will tailor them to the job of your choice or create a customizable template to allow you to edit as needed.

LinkedIn Profiles
Our team was trained directly by LinkedIn to craft precise, professional, attention-grabbing profiles which showcase your skills, talents, and qualifications. We guarantee your profile will receive LinkendIn's "All Star" rating which makes it 27 times more likely to be found by a recruiter utilizing LinkedIn to search for candidates.
Interview Coaching
Our job is to create a rich and robust professional brand to help you secure the interview. But then what? Well, we'll also provide comprehensive Interview Strategies, mock-questions, role-playing, and more to get you fully prepared to nail the interview. 
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