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Our resume writing professionals possess diverse backgrounds that provide them with the insight and ability to write precise, professional resumes for a wide range of professions and industries.Through this combination of education, experience, and professional background they have developed an ability to produce expert-grade resumes in a variety of fields including:

Sales & Marketing
Executive Management
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing
Skilled Trades
Cover Letter 1
Cover Letter 2
Cover Letter 3
A Selection of Our Specialties
  • Sales Professionals – Including Technology, Real Estate, Insurance, and Services

  • IT or Information Technology – Including Database and Network Administrators

  • Healthcare Professionals – Including Assistants, Technicians, and Nurses

  • Retail Professionals – Including Sales, Management, and Customer Service

  • Engineers – Including Civil, Electrical, Structural, Environmental, and Mechanical

  • Finance – Including Accountants and CPAs, Auditors, Controlers, and Comptrolers

  • Human Resources – Including Recruiters, HR Coordinators, Managers, and Generalists

  • Government – These resumes must adhere to special, strict formatting requirements

  • Creative Services – Including Designers, Photographers, Musicians, and Writers

  • Executive – Managers, Directors, CEO, CIO, CFO, COO, Vice Presidents ,and Presidents

  • Specialty Trades – Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, and Construction Workers

  • Customer Service – Call Center Employees and Customer Service Representatives

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